It is a contract that a person known as trustor delivers one or several goods to a fiduciary society so it fulfills a particular purpose in favor of the trustor or a third-party known as beneficiary. There are two kinds of trust: mercantile trust (when there is a transfer of the property of the asset, configuring an autonomous patrimony) and a fiduciary order (when there is no property transfer).

A business where the trustor delivers one or several goods to the fiduciary society, so they are used as guarantee for the fulfillment of individual or third-party obligations established in the contract, and to execute the guaranty in case of non compliance by the guaranteed debtors.

A fiduciary business that has as a purpose to manage resources and goods that are related to a real-estate project, or the management of the resources linked to the development and execution of such project, according to the instructions in the contract. Among the modalities in this kind of trust we can find pre-sale businesses, where the main obligation of the fiduciary society is to collect money coming from promotion and attainment of people interested in acquiring real-estate in a real-estate project. The trust receives the funds, manages them and invest them while complying with the established conditions to develop the real-estate project.

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