Collective Investment Funds

It is an investment vehicle that groups contributions or investments from individuals or companies to manage and invest them through fiduciary companies, stock brokers or investment management companies. These funds are characterized for investing in financial assets of fixated income, variable income, assets of the exchange market and also real estate assets.





Alianza Gobierno Open Fund

Through Alianza Gobierno Open Fund you can benefit from the yields generated by a fixated income portfolio on a short term, with the highest credit quality.

Risk profile:
Permanence term:
No permanence term
Minimum investment:
$100.000 COP
Minimum addition: $100.000 COP

The management commision that Alianza Fiduciaria charges will depend on the type of participation registered with your investment. These comissions vary between 1.40 % to 1.60% Annual Effective Rate (see the rules below).

Given that the fund complies with decrees 1525 and 2805, it is ideal for public companies that want to invest their cash surpluses, without having to comply with a permanence term.

On a daily basis you can perform partial withdrawals up to 99% of the available balance in the fund. To withdraw 100% of the resources you would have to cancel the task.

Investment strategy
The fund invests in debt titles recorded in the National Registry of Securities and Issuers (RNVE) that also have AAA grades. These assets can have a variable rate (inflation indexed) or a fixated rate, and will have a weighted average maximum term inferior to 15 years. See the data sheet for more information.