Collective Investment Funds

It is an investment vehicle that groups contributions or investments from individuals or companies to manage and invest them through fiduciary companies, stock brokers or investment management companies. These funds are characterized for investing in financial assets of fixated income, variable income, assets of the exchange market and also real estate assets.







Real-estate Alianza Closed Fund

It is a Collective Real-estate Closed Fund, constituted in the terms and conditions of decree 2555 of 2010. The fund seeks to generate profitability from the acquisition of immovable properties that generate a monthly income located in Colombia, such as warehouses, offices, hotels and built or to be built venues.

Risk profile:
High risk
Permanence pact:
10 years
Does not apply
Minimum investment:
100 current minimum wages.

Alianza Fiduciaria directly manages the Fund through an exclusively dedicated team, that plans and analyzes investments and also defines and execute the investment acquisition and liquidation policies. The team is tasked of asset acquisition with the investment valuation and negotiation, setting the amount of the investments, the form of payment and other business dealings. It will also manage the assets that are object of purchase in each compartment, it will generate the reports requested by the investors and will be able to subcontract the implementation of some especialized third-party activities like market studies, commercial valuations, tax asessments, legal asessments, marketing and advertisement.

Investment strategy
The strategy of the fund is to obtain capital income, investing in moderate-high risk assets with the purpose of obtaining long term capital gains.
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