Collective Investment Funds

It is an investment vehicle that groups contributions or investments from individuals or companies to manage and invest them through fiduciary companies, stock brokers or investment management companies. These funds are characterized for investing in financial assets of fixated income, variable income, assets of the exchange market and also real estate assets.







MAS Colombia Opportunity Closed Fund

The fund is a closed joint portfolio constituted under the terms and conditions of decree 2555 of 2010, that lasts eight years and proposes an innovative investment alternative as a feeder fund of "MAS COLOMBIA LATAM", a private capital fund managed by SEAF Colombia SA.

Risk profile:
High risk
Permanence term:
Closed - Finish date April 2020
Does not apply
Minimum investment:
600 current minimum wages

Management comission: The management comission charged by Alianza Fiduciaria is 0.30%.

Performance comission (Carried Interest): The Society in charge will receive a performance comission when a profitability higher than the preferential rate is obtained, until each investor has received an amount equivalent to an anual IRR of 11.5 % net of every distribution received previously.

The obligations of the Society in charge related to the fund portfolio management are of means not of result. The money provided by the investors to the MAS Colombia Opportunity Closed Fund are not deposits, so the Society is not binded by obligation proper of a depositary institution, and the deposits are not sheltered by the deposit insurance of the Fondo de Garantías de Instituciones Financieras FOGAFIN, nor by other framework of such nature. The investment in the Fund is subjected, among other factors, to the risks of investment, derived of the evolution of the prices of the assets that integrate the Fund's portfolio, for such reason no results of the Fund are guaranteed to the investors, there is no guarantee of profitabilities and/or return of the capital invested, and partial or total loss of the investment in MAS Colombia Opportunity Closed Fund can occur.
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