Private Equity Funds

Characterized as investment vehicles for companies that are not listed in stock markets. Its main target is to invest in high growth potential companies, for a period of no less than 8 years.

Yellowstone Capital Fund I

This private equity fund will be formed by compartment classes A, B, C and D, according to its investment policy, and it will be a closed collective investment fund, long term and high risk.

15 years that start counting when the first AI compartment starts operating.

Yellowstone Capital Partners S.A.S., joint stock company, constitued by a private docment on September 25th 2015, registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota on September 28 2015 with the commercial registration number 02619110 of September 28 2015, identified with NIT 900895289-6, whose shareholders are Amarilo Inversiones S.A.S. (70%), experts in development, construction, promotion, management, operation and sales of real-estate projects, and Invexfund S.A.S.