Private Equity Funds

Characterized as investment vehicles for companies that are not listed in stock markets. Its main target is to invest in high growth potential companies, for a period of no less than 8 years.




The private equity fund Terranum will be formed by compartments, whose target is to obtain profitabilities through the investment in corporate properties, with the purpose of creating an effect on its commercial, operational and financial performance.

50 years that start counting from the beginning of opperations.

Terranum GP S.A.S., identified with NIT 901.014.870-0, residing in Bogota in Calle 26No. 92-32 módulos Gold 4 y 5 P 4, whose controlling companies, directly or indirectly, as much as its shareholders and management members, have credited knowledge and experience in the management of corporate properties and handling of acceptable asets to invest according to the rules.

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