Private Equity Funds

Characterized as investment vehicles for companies that are not listed in stock markets. Its main target is to invest in high growth potential companies, for a period of no less than 8 years.




Closed fund, long term, high risk, its main purpose is to obtain capital gains in the long term, which intends to accomplish by the acquisition of mid-sized companies mainly in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico, particularly but not limited to this sectors: health, education, agroindustry, food, financial services, mass consumer products, energy and natural resources.

8 years that start counting after December 1, 2011, final closing date.

TRG Latin American Fund I GP, L.P., a limited partnership constituted in Ontario, Canada, expert in portfolio management and asset management that are the main investment target of the fund. It is in charge of the investment management, duly designated by the managing society.

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