Private Equity Funds

Characterized as investment vehicles for companies that are not listed in stock markets. Its main target is to invest in high growth potential companies, for a period of no less than 8 years.



Tribecca RRNN

This Private Equity fund wil be a closed collective portfolio, long term, high risk and dividied in compartments A and B. The main purpose of both targets is to obtain capital gains in the long term, mainly throug the investment in participatory titles or securities where it states the economic content rights that represent a fraction or the totality of social capital of the companies that are not registered in the RNVE or any other public securities registry, with the purpose of affecting positively its commercial, operational and finacial perfomance, to liquidate such investments in a higher commercial value.

8 years that count from September 30, 2010 until its closing date.

Tribeca Management Company S.A.S., a society constituted according to the laws of the Republic of Colombia, resident in Bogotá DC, constituted through a private document on December 19, 2012 and identified with NIT 900579107-1, an authorized society to act as a Professional Fund Manager, according to its social statutes.

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