Collective Investment Funds

It is an investment vehicle that groups contributions or investments from individuals or companies to manage and invest them through fiduciary companies, stock brokers or investment management companies. These funds are characterized for investing in financial assets of fixated income, variable income, assets of the exchange market and also real estate assets.







Open fund with permanence pact CxC

Through the CxC fund you can enjoy the income generated by a low term portfolio, formed by fixated incoem titles (RNVE) and economic content titles like receipts, sentences and payroll loans.

Risk profile:
High risk
Permanence term:
30 days
F-AA+ (credit risk) | VrR1 (market risk)
Minimum investment:
500.000 COP
Minimum addition: 100.000 COP

The management commision that Alianza Fiduciaria charges will depend on the type of participation registered with your investment. These comissions vary between 2.4% % to 3.00% Annual Effective Rate (see the rules below).

The additional resources in the fund shall remain invested for 30 days. Starting from day 31 they could be used anytime. If you wish to perform withdrawals before day 30, you can do it paying a fine for anticipated withdrawal (see rules below).

After complying with the permanence term, you can make partial withdrawals up to 99% of the total balance. To withdraw 100% of the balance, you must cancel the order.

Investment strategy
The fund invests in debt titles recorded in the National Registry of Securities and Issuers (RNVE) and economic content titles. The fraction invested in RNVE assets represents between 20% and 80% of the fund's value. Resources invested in alternative assets are focused in the acquisition of receipts, sentences, payroll loans, promissory notes, checks, contracts and bills of exchange.