Vision Voluntary Pension Fund

This is an investment mechanism for the medium and long term that allows saving discipline with the target of consolidating a capital to enjoy a tranquil and safe future, with an ideal complement to the mandatory pension established by Colombian law. You can make come true your family's projects and yours.

Voluntary Pension Fund

The contribution that the affiliate chooses to make can be periodical or systematic, occasional or for a single time, in tune with the personal financial plan. For the institutional or company plans, the amount and frequency corresponds to what is established by the sponsor entity.

The affiliates and the sponsor entities have an Investment Platform integrated by the Stable Portfolio, the Open Alternatives and the Closed Alternatives.

Grades: S2AAAF(COL)
Regarding market risk, the qualifier assigned “S2(col)”, which means that the sensibility of the fund in case of interest rate variations and other risk factors is moderate.
Natural persons

When you make contributions to the Vision Voluntary Pension Fund, you can take resources to diverse portfolios according to the risk profile. The saved money can be invested in Colombian fixated income titles, colombian stock, real estate, international stock, among others.

Besides obtaining profitabilities in the long term, the contributions to a voluntary pension will allow you to obtain several benefits. On one hand, you can diminish the source tax and the annual income tax. On the other hand, the profitabilities that you obtain through the fund will be a non taxable income.

These benefits will be permanent as long as you comply with the next rules: 1) The contributions must remain 10 years in the Voluntary Pension Fund. 2) If you withdraw contributions, these must be used for housing acquisition.

Legal persons
  • Companies can sponsor the saving plans of their workers and make contributions via Vision Voluntary Pension Fund, with the purpose of upgrading their work and pensional welfare.
  • The company contributions can be conditioned, so the sponsors define the requisites that must be fulfilled so the workers can benefit from such contributions.
  • Companies have tax breaks in the income tax and in CREE, as well as working benefits, when they structure company plans in the Vision Voluntary Pension Fund.



Colombia Vision Real-estate

It is a portfolio integrated by a maximum of 74% of real-estate vehicles, like PEI, Fonlink Compartimento Uno, Inmoval and others that we consider that have an appropriate level of management and asset quality.

Risk profile:
High risk
Permanence term:
1 year
Minimum investment:
1.000.000 COP
The portfolio can invest in Collective Real-estate Investment Funds, Private Capital Real-Estate Funds, Real-estate Titling (including participative or credit content titles) and other real-estate investment vehicles approved by the Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia, and a top of 26% of titles in fixated income or liquidity titles.
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