Real-estate fiduciary

It is a fiduciary contract that allows to create an autonomous patrimony for the management of the resources dedicated to the development of real-estate projects, according with the agreed instructions.

Alianza Fiduciaria has the experience and the highest operational standards for the promoters and builders carry out their real-estate projects through autonomous patrimonies, generating trust in buyers and financers.

  • Lower requirement of own capital
  • Resource collection through a wide bank network
  • Resource management by a financial entity
  • The promotor does not buy the land, so the inventory is not overloaded
  • Money and real-estate does not enter the promotor's patrimony
  • Accountability of the delivered money
  • Simple real-estate management (parking)
  • Forming and consolidation of land
  • Future buy and sell of lots
  • Presales
  • Managing advanced payment of benefits
  • Urban renewal trusts (income per sale exemption)
  • Joint works of urbanismo between joint owners
  • Trusts for hotel projects and management
  • Trusts for real-estate income
  • Real-estate trusts (project development)
  • Promise to purchase and sale agreements
  • Area benefit
  • Associative
  • Social housing projects (income per sale exemption)
  • Bonuses or advance payments of leases or concessions
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